Here Are 7 Reasons Why Migrating To A Cloud-based Streaming Service Is Best?

Many video producers and content distributors are choosing to migrate to a cloud streaming platform because of a number of benefits it offers. .

One of the biggest benefits is that it provides access to an extensive audience with an unrivaled user experience and strong security measures. The professional video hosting infrastructure takes away any technical difficulties faced by brands looking to publish quality videos.

With a cloud-based streaming service, you'll enjoy the benefits of lower costs, increased security and higher efficiency. We offer multiple resolutions so you can easily scale up with the right one for your audience. With our streaming technology, we produce higher quality content at a faster rate - all with cutting-edge speed and state-of-the-art quality.

Why are businesses turning to cloud-based video streaming?


Streaming solutions that are cloud based are low in cost. This includes less development and IT management for your business. A streaming service removes the need of creating a cluster of servers for scaling.

The lower Total Cost of Ownership for this product is a major benefit.

Cloud streaming solutions need a lot less maintenance and have lower hardware requirements. This means they're the perfect choice for businesses because they require decreased operating costs. With SaaS, you only pay for the resources you need, so it's perfect for any company looking to convert to a capital expense model of business.

Protecting your data and files

SaaS providers are already well-equipped to maintain the current standards in data protection, and they have many built-in security features that eliminate the need for you developing your own.

7 Reasons to Move to a Cloud Streaming Platform

CDN's scalability

As a streaming business owner, it's your top priority to offer an uninterrupted streaming service. With cloud-based video platform, you can easily scale up your platform to accommodate spikes in viewership. It also allows you to choose from one of the many CDN options that allow for better delivery and lower costs.

Modern Streaming integrates with Amazon Cloudfront for fast and secure delivery of streaming content on any platform. We will always detect the location of end users and deliver media through Amazon Cloudfront from a server or node closest to them, which eliminates latency and enhances performance.

You'll spend less time worrying about uptime and more time creating features that help generate revenue for your business. Our CDN handles all the heavy lifting for you.

One of the great things about Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is that it is really easy to configure.

Modern Streaming provides a lot of flexibility. With our automatic ABR file creation, we make sure a seamless streaming event no matter how fast or slow the viewer's network is and which device they are watching with. Adaptive bitrate streaming can also help reduce distribution costs by restricting the bandwidth needed to deliver streams across a CDN, allowing distributors to optimize their connectivity expenses.

Online video sites like YouTube are great, but they have limited features. Our custom player allows you to cater to your viewers. You can easily add subtitles, dual audio, responsive design, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, 4K Video Player and more!

We have a bigger bandwidth and our speed is much faster.

Video streaming is made possible by high-speed internet access, but high bandwidth can lead to buffering which would leave your video playback choppy and constantly stopping and restarting. Cloud-based video streaming solutions like Abundant bandwidth, so you're always able to provide a clear viewing experience for your viewers. You even have the freedom to scale and define the size of your streams with adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR). In general, it's standard practice to allocate twice as much bandwidth as the source bitrate or higher for 4k resolutions.

With Modern Streaming, you get a powerful advantage over securing enough bandwidth through your local ISP or dealing with unhappy audiences. You'll only pay for the bandwidth that you use - which can be a more cost-effective way to go.

This security measures are built in, so you never have to worry about your site's safety.

Modern Streaming Multi-DRM service will protect your videos and audio content on your OTT platform from piracy.

DRM systems and tools go hand-in-hand to encrypt and protect file formats, audio, video, and ebooks from unlicensed access and usage. A multi-DRM solution optimizes license management by allowing you to provide content in a variety of formats like Apple's FairPlay DRM.

Modern Streaming multi-DRM service allows you to securely sell your streaming service to audiences via subscription, video rental, lease, purchase, and download. You can also set up device security and license playback duration to be sure that your customer has enough time to enjoy the content they've purchased or rented.

Building a robust as well as secure video streaming solution can take more than just on-premises servers. Modern Streaming can help you with cloud-based aspects, like configuring security through our UI or REST API. Implementation is fast and easy.

In addition to DRM, we also want to make sure your website is safe. Our secure platform features:

  • SSL encryption, which allows you to publish and playback your videos with confidence.
  • We offer secure streaming with HTTPS encryption.
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Using Tokens
  • I.P Blocking/Allowing
  • User Authentication System
  • Geographic restrictions

Best Price

Modern Streaming has a lot of benefits, but it really depends on the specific use case and streaming requirements. Some require more advanced security measures or need to stream video with customized features that are only supported by streaming engines.

When considering your choice between on-prem or cloud servers, you should think about the resources you need and how much money you want to spend. With cloud-based streaming solutions, you can simplify your architecture and reduce the amount of time your internal team spends monitoring the streaming solution.

When it comes to your business, are you always looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits? A Cloud streaming platform can help you reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and spare you more time for developing the video solutions your customers need. Some customers have been able to save 30% or more on their high speed bandwidth.

With Modern Streaming, you'll find that it only takes minimal or no setup; there's also a low hardware requirement. You pay for what you use, so there's no chance of overpaying for resources.

Reports and Analytics

If you want to maintain your competitive edge, it's important that you analyze the performance of your contents and scale up the quality. Modern Streaming One provides the services and software to help you do just that. All your video and audio content can be tracked and edited from one place, which will give your audience a better streaming experience.

Modern Streaming One Analytics and Reports provides a simple way for you to find out the real performance of each video or audio file. This will enable you to confidently strengthen your content, and our analytics will show which videos are driving higher views, more stickiness for your platform, higher engagement and more revenue.


If you want to keep consumers for the long-haul, it helps to customize the layout and make it look nice with animations. With customization features, your platform will be able to stand out from the competition and deliver an engaging experience for end users. Modern Streaming gives you complete flexibility to customize your platform by changing colors, visuals, functionality and more - all through our intuitive UI.


There's a variety of reasons to migrate your streaming platform to the cloud. It saves you time and helps you increase revenue. All for a minimal cost!

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