Modern Streaming is more than tech company

Device agnostic, highly customizable, white labeled B2C solution, which supports features like HTML5 Video and audio, automatic device detection, Cloud transcoding, adaptive bit-rate streaming, Ad monetization, SVOD, TVOD, recommendation engine. Apart from this it supports streaming protocols like http, progressive download, hls, rtsp.

Uploading and Encoding

Upload Once and video cloud takes care of the rest with advanced transcoding.

Content Management

Sort, manage and organize your entire media library with ease.

Dynamic Playlisting

Create, promote as many playlists and programming as you want. Users can also create as many playlists as they want.


Securely deliver the highest quality on demand and live video experience to the audience everywhere.

Mobile Devices

Reach mobile audience with mobile ready encoding, intelligent device detection and player templates.

HTML5 Video

We Deliver HTML5 video to devices like the iPhone and iPad with industry leading HTML5 support.

Social Media

Encourage viral sharing with built in social media tools for Facebook, Twitter and other sites. ​ ​

Player and Styling

No other online video platform gives you as many ways to control the viewer experience.


Identify your best content and discover audience behaviors with comprehensive analytics and reports

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Audio on Demand

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