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Solutions designed and developed to reach audience directly

We have segregated our solutions in three categories, but there use is not limited to these categories alone. As mentioned these solutions are highly customizable and can be used in other fields like distant education, social interaction, news, religion, sports, general entertainment and many more.

Video On Demand

IWith Modern Streaming's VOD solution, content providers can aggregate their premium assets into a broadband-delivered, White labeled, B2C VOD store where consumers can easily discover, preview and watch videos on Desktops, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, delivered using advertising, pay per view or subscription based subscription models.


Music On Demand

Modern Streaming's Music On Demand solution enable content providers to offer their music library to the consumers through white labeled, B2C Internet radio portal. User can discover and create their own playlists and do their own programming. Content can be consumed through Desktops, smartphones, tablets, or infact feature phones.


Learning Management System

Modern Streaming's Learning Management System is helping to transform how the world learns. Breaking Down barriers to education and focusing on an open and extensible platform, we have built a tightly integrated suite of products that is providing a more engaging, intuitive and personalized learning experience than ever before. We provide a seamless experience for creation, delivery and management of courses, allowing users to collaborate and connect around content and activities.