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Helping you find the right solution

If you are a media house, educational institute, religious body or a content aggregator, emerging online streaming technologies are redefining your future. We at Modern Streaming can provide you much more than just a online platform. We want your business to grow and exceed your goals, so we are pleased to offer Consulting and Managed IT services you may require to assist you. Often, these additional services are investment in your business.

Consulting Services

If you are looking to start a new B2C portal or you are looking to upgrade existing one. Feel free to call us.

Our strength lies in deep understanding of systems, business, market, competition and consumer mindset. We understand, in today's market cost effectiveness and quality of experience are two parameters which will decide the success of any business. We know how to leverage open source technologies to your advantage to meet parameters described above. 

Key Benefits

1. Meet your time to market goals
2. Accelerate ROI with rapid
3. Differentiate from your

Managed IT services​

Our Managed services will provide you with all the resources and professional expertise you need to quickly launch or grow your services. This allow you to cut CAPEX, accelerate your time to market and greatly reduce the in-house resources you need to deliver. Our area's of strength are

1. Content processing
2. Trans Coding
3. Editing
4. Meta data tagging
5. Cloud Integration
6. Penetration testing and Ethical
7. Payment gateway integration

Content Delivery Network

If your portal has lot of audios, videos or images and they take lot of time to upload.

If your videos work only in flash and not on devices like iphone, android, blackberry or even Nokia.

If your videos take lot of time to play or download.

If you are looking to publish HD content.

Feel Free to get in touch with us, as we have answers to all those issues mentioned above.


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